EST. 2021

Winter Seasonal Specials

These deals are valid until March 1st, 2023

Hearts Delight Hot Stone Pedicure 

This delightful pedicure has the added advantages of a longer massage with the use of hot stones and champagne rose aroma massage oil. These hot stones not only relax you but have beneficial factors like easing muscle stiffness and expanding blood flow in that area.

$38 - 55 Minutes (Can use unscented oil for sensitive clients) 

Winter Warmth Massage 

This relaxing 90-minute massage features champagne rose massage oil and hot stones to melt away tension. The use of the stones also eases muscle stiffness and increases circulation and metabolism. The direct heat expands blood vessels, which encourages increase blood flow throughout the body allowing the massage therapist to access deeper muscle layers. 

$105 - 90 Minutes (Can use unscented oil for sensitive clients)

Winter Paradise Special  

Feeling quite chilled during the start of Winter? Why not indulge yourself with our Winter Paradise Special! Warm yourself or loved one by purchasing this great deal. Includes both the Winter Warmth Massage and Hearts Delight Pedicure. A perfect deal during the Holidays! 

(One session involving Winter Warmth Massage and Hearts Delight Pedicure)

$135 - 2 Hours 25 Minutes (Can use unscented oil for Sensitive Clients)