EST. 2021

Spring Seasonal Specials

These deals are valid until June 1st, 2023

The Emerald Pedicure

This one-hour pedicure features a green tea moisturizing mask for the legs. This calming clay mask detoxes pores and draws out impurities while keeping your legs hydrated and leaving your legs feeling soft and refreshed. This session also includes a tea tree exfoliating foot mask. This peel mask is designed specifically to remove hardened skin and dead cells from your feet.  

$40 - 60 Minutes 

Spring Awakening Massage 

This session starts out with lymphatic drainage done to the face, which is a gentle and light massage treatment done by massaging in the direction of the lymphatic flow and using circular movements to gently stimulate the lymph vessels below your skin. Then followed with a full body aroma massage with an essential oil blend of eucalyptus, clary sage & rosemary to help with sinus congestion. 

$115 - 90 Minutes

Sweet Flowers Manicure  

This gel manicure features all the benefits of a regular gel manicure but with the added flare of Spring flower decals. A great addition for a nice Spring look.

$40 - 60 Minutes

Spring Massage & Pedicure  

Includes the Spring Awakening Massage and The Emerald Pedicure 

$145 - 2 Hours 30 Minutes

Mani-Pedi Blossom

This session Includes the Emerald Pedicure & Sweet Flowers Manicure

$75 - 2 Hours

Spring Serenity Package

Why not splurge and pamper yourself! Book a complete Spring spa day and save! Featuring Spring Awakening Massage, The Emerald Pedicure and Sweet Flower Manicure.

$180 - 3 Hours 30minutes